Their leader is suffering from a giant illness in the leg which will be next to demise

Their leader is suffering from a giant illness in the leg which will be next to demise


Summoned because of the an unexpected worry require medical help, the fresh USS Corporation landing class including Kirk, Spock, and McCoy see a small grouping of aliens whom purportedly model its community on teachings regarding Plato. Alexander, a slave on the Platonians, on the side suggests to Philana which they cannot eliminate the Firm obtaining team, simply because are trying to conserve the commander, Parmen. In advance of he can end up their sentence, Philana telekinetically produces him chew their hand.

Work That

Kirk, Spock, and you can McCoy discover Platonians’ effective psychokinetic efficiency, due to the fact people’s delirium has criminal outcomes to your their landscape. Other Platonian feature is actually significant longevity, together with frail bodily immune system apparently caused by their emphasis toward rational expertise. This is what caused its effective ruler is thus vulnerable about what should have been a minor treatable burns.

The consequence of an bulk eugenics investment on their household planet, “Plato’s stepchildren” had escaped to World on period of the ancient greek philosopher Plato whenever its superstar, Sahndara, ran supernova. Immediately after Plato’s dying it based good republic according to their thinking, in which 38 inhabitants alive a lifetime of quiet contemplation and you can thinking-reliance.

A straightforward cut-in the leg got install an as yet not known illness which caused Parmen to own a fever and you can eradicate control of their vitality. Furniture is thrown to therefore the Agency is shaken in orbit, if you find yourself Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and you may Alexander duck and you can cover-up on the traveling objects. “Interesting. I do believe we have been that great psychokinetic symptoms off Parmen’s delirium”, Spock notes. Philana, Parmen’s girlfriend, might be able to distract Parmen for a lengthy period to own McCoy in order to sedate him which have a great hypospray, stop new a mess. Afterwards, Dr. McCoy’s treatment of Parmen is useful and also the landing cluster makes to go out of globally. However, the Company is frozen; Scott reports that there are no functional transporters, navigation if not subspace correspondence that have Starfleet. Captain Kirk barges into the Parmen’s chamber, and you may Parmen pieces Kirk away from his phaser and you will informs him one to site visitors need acknowledge his supremacy. In an enthusiastic allusion on the Greek top regarding visitor-pal, Kirk retorts: “Guest? You never understand the concept of the word. Website visitors are not managed for example popular inmates.” Parmen uses their psychokinetic efforts to force Kirk to help you slap themselves in the deal with repeatedly.

Act A few

Following the ordeal that have Kirk smacking himself around, the guy, Spock, and you may McCoy are into its guest chamber, trying get in touch with brand new Company together with communicator so you can no get. The new Platonians summon him or her and you may appear thankful to have McCoy’s assist. They provide brand new landing party flingster which have kind of gift suggestions: the new shield out of Pericles to have Kirk, a beneficial kithara to own Spock, and you can a couple of Greek remedies written by Hippocrates himself to possess McCoy. Parmen appeals to possess Kirk’s forgiveness. He states he’s going to discharge the brand new ship, but he wants McCoy to remain on earth.

McCoy declines and you will Parmen says he’s going to never be declined. Kirk says which he don’t envision themselves an excellent descendant from Plato. Spock highlights, “Plato wanted knowledge and you may charm and above all, fairness.” Parmen says you to theirs is the most popular society one to ever before are – rather than new Federation, hence uses firearms and you will fleets off starships to help you impose fairness, new Platonians use the electricity of your head. He states he would like to encourage Kirk and Spock to go away soundly whilst to not troubled McCoy.

Parmen uses their intellectual energies to frighten and you can humiliate Kirk and you may Spock for the conformity. First, the guy makes them sing a tune and you may dancing an excellent jig. Kirk says to McCoy that he is perhaps not attending let your stay trailing and you can Parmen produces Kirk recite some contours out of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet LVII: “Getting their slave exactly what must i create but tend | Through to the fresh new instances, and you can days of the attract? | I’ve no time after all to spend; | Neither service[s] to accomplish, ’til you …”. Parmen makes Spock dance even more right after which forces your to laugh and you can scream, torturing his Vulcan mindset by the forcing severe feelings, including nutritionally beneficial laughter and you can a beneficial shout of your. Kirk try compelled to break in to the his give and you can hips and you may neigh and you can trot like a pony and you may Alexander was pushed so you can ride for the Kirk’s straight back

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